Audio files recorded in 2005

A61Q Recorded on May 21th. Great CW op.
A45XR One of the Es openings in May
A71EM May 29th. Again good sig's
5T5SN Recorded on May 29th. Often heard
S59MA On 70MHz. June 11, Worked X-band.
ZB2/G0JJL On 70MHz. During his Gibraltar tour.
YU1EU Also on 4M June 11th.
9Y4AT Evening Es on June 11th.
9Y4AT/b Not strong but there.
FG5FR Booming June 12th.
FJ5DX With EU pile up.
FJ5DX Hours later. June 12th.
J3-K5AND Great opening at June 29th.
J3-K5AND In SSB. Many QSO's.
J3-K5AND In SSB. More QSO's.
TT8M In beacon mode with 35W. output
TT8M Long opening on June 30st.
FM5JC EU opening june 30. Heard by F5TND
JX7SIX Jan Mayen on July 7th.
HA0HW One of the first HA's on August 1st.