Audio files recorded in 2004

ST2DX In a short opening June 18th.
7X0AD In a long ES opening June 23rd.
7X0AD More QSO's that wednesday
7X0AD Also in CW
7X2RO 2nd 7X on June 23rd. 3 min. recording.
OD5NH Crunched on 50.184 on June 27th
CU3URA Heard on June 27th.
VY2ZM Early ES at afternoon June 29th
C31JI Excitement on monday July 5th.
PJ7M On July 8Th. Became every days DX.
PJ7M Another recording of PJ7M
YA4F One I will never forget. July 16th.
AURORA 5 min. record of a big event July 25th.


Another aurora recording in CW
IZ5EKV In an southern aurora on July 27th.
M0HEN/mm From KM36. ES on August 8th.
OH9O DXpedition from far north. KP28AB. August 11th on Es.