Audio files recorded in 2003

Z22JE Working G's only April 19th, 2003
TF8GX Wide spread Es June 26, 2003
VE1YX Bob via Es June 26, 2003
ZA1B During the contest July 5th, 2003
K7BV/1 Short Es opening July 6, 2003
VE7SL Working PA2TAB July 8, 2003
K7RWT Plus QRM from Europe on July 8th
GM4COK/MM 5 W. in a dipole from GN81on July 13th.
A61AH Working G3WOS July 19th. 
A61AH Want to hear an European Pile up?
A71EM July 19th. Working OZ.
OX3VHF With Auroral Es on August 18th.
VQ9X/b Heard by A61AH at October 1st. 
DU1EV Recorded October 4th by A61AH 12:30Z
XZ7A Heard and worked by A61AH October 4th
TS7N Nov. 23 with great signals. 2min recording.