Audio files recorded in 2002

5U6W on February 14, 2002
9U5D on February 22, 2002
VK6JQ on February 22, 2002
VK4FNQ on February 28, 2002
VK8MS on February 28, 2002
J28EX on March 1, 2002
VK6RSX/b late afternoon March 1, 2002
ZD8VHF strong in the afternoon on March 5, 2002
7Z1SJ In beacon mode at March 18th. 2002
D2EB Real TE on May 17th. 2002
HV5PUL Listen to his QSL info. May 21st. 2002
D2EB again! Working GW4VEQ on June 1st. 2002
YI9OM Nice quick qso! On June 2nd. 2002
A45XR Not every day DX at 1600Z 2nd June
JX7DFA on June 4, 2002
TA1AZ  Evening ES at 21:43Z June 10th
JX7SIX Often heard in June 2002
FP/NA1CW on June 17th. 2002
FS/W6JKV on June 29th.2002
FS/W6JKV Listen here for a 20 min. recording
S9TX Working F5QT and ??
S9TX Working PA7MH and others.
S9TX Working G1IOV and more
VK4ABW Real loud on October 22nd. 2002
VK4RTL 10 Watt beacon from QH30JQ Oct.22nd
ZD7MY Late in the evening October 22nd.
3XY7C Working HB9 November 4th.
4S7AB Weak on November 2nd. Peaked 559
9M2TO Working G3NVO November 13th
9M2TO Tried to work ON5NT
XT2WP Working DL and I on November 23th
UX0FF Christmas ES on December 22nd