Frequency Location Region M/S System Locator
40.000 US Port Angeles WA ELOS CN88fc
40.530 " Boise ID Snow Levels DN
"  " Odgen UT Snow Levels DN
" Pakistan Bodoki Flood & Snow Height MM71
40.690 Alaska Anchorage AK SNOTEL Master BP51
40.925 Egypt Nile River Water Telemetry KL
41.530 USA Mountains Remote Site responder ---
41.530 Pakistan Mountains Slave sends 100mS chunks ---
41.650 Egypt Alexandria Lighthouse Monitoring KM51
41.690 Alaska Alaska Basin AK SNOTEL Slaves BP
41.700 Nepal Western Nepal Flood Warning NL08
42.400 Alaska State Meteor Data Inc ***** BP
 43.650 Japan  Chiba Japan Sea Temperature QM05ei
44.100 Alaska State Meteor Data Inc ***** BP
 44.200 US  Bozeman MT Meteor Scatter ** DN44kp
 " "  Masters CO Meteor Scatter DN70ul
 " "  Hartley TX Meteor Scatter DM85sw
 " "  Harrison Vy PA Meteor Scatter FN11dx
 " "  Tipton MO WPCE422 Common EM38ok
44.500 US Bremerton WA ELOS **** CN87
" " Forks WA WPRK318 CN78
" " Bellingham WA WPRK318 CN88
" " National Starcom US WPMN992 ***** -
44.520 Alaska Fort Richardson Starcom BP51 *
44.560 US National Starcom US WPMN992  ***** -
44.580 US  Minnesota Meteor Scatter *** EN24
" " Garretson SD Meteor Scatter EN13wq
" "  Perkins IA Meteor Scatter EN13xe
44.600 " Nation Wide  Starcom US WPMN992  ***** -
 44.630 Philippines  Coastal Light House Monitoring PK04
45.900 USA National  Slave of 44.2  WPCE422 -
45.920 South America Argentina Data Link ?  
46.400 UK Central UK Water Monitoring IO91
47.420 Guam Is North Pacific WPLU498 QK24
 48.425 Japan  Chiba Japan Sea Temperature QM05
49.400 US Graham WA Auroral Expt * CN
49.595 US Custer KY High Power Link ?  
" " Piney Ck VA "  
46.950 UK Central UK Water Monitoring IO91
49.635 Alaska Elemendorf HARP BP51
49.880 Australia Darwin Wind Profile Radar PH57kp
49.990 Canada Manitoba Auroral Radar DP
50.000 Kiribati Christmas Is. Wind Profile Radar  
50.000 Western Australia North West Wind Profile Radar  


Compiled by Steve VK3SIX/KG6SIX December 2002, may be used providing credit forth-coming.

If you can verify any of the above stations please forward details so they can be included on this page. 

* Inactive  ? Status required  ** 20KW EIRP  *** 500 watt slaves  **** 300W, 500W and 1KW ***** FCC Data.

Master Stations usually have responders up 1 MHz but fast in duration and lower power.

Japanese Domestic Frequency Chart

42.000-50.000MHz Meteor Scatter Expeimental

Freq MHz LOCATOR Ant Power Classification District
41.800   200W Experimental IBARAKI
43.650 PM95wd 250W Experimental MIYAGI
43.650   100W Experimental "
43.850 QM08jr 10W Experimental "
44.600   10W Experimental GIFU
44.870  QM08ow 1W Experimental MIYAGI
46.500  PM84bu 400W          " SHIGA
46.500  QN05wi 80kW          " HOKKAIDO
46.500  PM84bu 1000kW          " SHIGA
48.375  PM94bp 300W Experimental SHIZUOKA
48.375  QN00sm 300W          " AOMORI
48.425   100W          " CHIBA
48.425   200W          "       "
48.425  QM05fn 300W          "       "
49.930   10W Experimental TOKYO
49.950   10W Experimental       "

JA Frequencies 54 MHZ up


Acquisition of data from Meteor Burst, Technology

FCC Search page for any US transmission information

The PERCON US Database for direct Loading ICOM Radios

Australian Communications Authority Search Page for transmissions

Meteor Data Transmitting Systems

Meteor Burst systems explained


Alaska King Salmon Comm's Research Lab BO18qq
Alaska Kodiak Is Geophysical Institute, UAF BO37vo
British Columbia Prince George Univ. of Saskatchewan CO83qx
Sakatchewan Saskatoon Univ. of Saskatchewan DO82qd
Ontario Kapuskasing JHU/APL EN89uj
NewFoundland Goose Bay JHU/APL FO93sh
Iceland Stokkseyri CNRS/LPCE HP83xu
Cutlass Iceland þykkvibær Radio Space Plasma Physics IP03ju
Cutlass Finland Hankasalmi Group, Univ. of Leicester HP62qh
Antarctica Halley British Antarctic Survey KB34hl
Antarctica SANAE PUCHE IB88nh
Antarctica Syowa South National InstitutePolar Research KC91sa
Antarctica Syowa East National InstitutePolar Research KC90tx
Tasmania TIGER La Trobe University QE36oo
Kerguelen Kerguelen LPCE ME50dp

©VK3OT December 11th 2002

Data as accurate as possible given the reliability of the sources.